Ranking on LeaderBoard


To view ranking on leaderboard, please follow some steps below:

1. Visit CoinHe official site at https://coinhe.io and click on LearderBoard at top right corner of homepage

2. CoinHe LeaderBoard is created to rate and show top 10 users smartest trading in day, week and month which include

(1) Rank

(2) Trader

(3) CoinHe Elo

CoinHe Elo is an indicator which express effective investment of each trader.

CoinHe Elo used for:

  • Investors rating and ranking.
  • Event-gift awarding.
  • Investor’s strategy copying.

To know how to calculate CoinHe Elo, please access https://coinhe.io/leaderboard and click ? symbol beside CoinHe Elo.

At the right of each investor, users can find [Copy] button to copy trading strategy of this investor. For example, copied investor had 2000 USDT in wallets and you had 1000 USDT in your wallets; if copied investor buy 10 ETH, your account will automatically buy 5 ETH.