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Listing NTF on

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Since April 18, 2019, NTF will be listed on with 3 trading pairs NTF/USDT, NTF/BTC and NTF/VCC. Users can deposit, trade and withdraw NTF on CoinHe.

NTF is a part of Dual Cryptocurrency Confirmation System (DCCS). It is not used in daily transaction but it is the reason for the most interesting and important part of the Nexty’s offer. NTF makes transfers free of charge. You will not have to pay anything for your transaction and it’s really incredible.

NTF is the reason for internal mining of NTY. Thus NTF holders will be able to get the rewards in form of some amount of NTY tokens thanks to protocol Proof-of-Foundation. Furthermore, NTF is a tool for mining. Usually, mining is a very difficult process that needs plenty of equipment, electricity and various payments. Nexty makes mining much more simple.

To get more information about NTF, please read the Whitepaper: