How to Withdraw my coins?


To withdraw your coins from CoinHe, please follow instruction below:

1. Login to CoinHe Official Website at https://coinhe.io/. From menu at homepage, choose Wallets.

2. Choose the coin/token you would like to withdraw and click [Withdraw] at the right end of the row → Input the Quantity and Address of the Wallet you wish the withdrawal to arrive.

Before clicking Done, make sure that you check Transaction Fee (which will be added to Total Withdraw Amount) and Address correctly since we will not be responsible neither for transaction to wrong address nor complain on Transaction fee.

3. The system will now send a confirmation message to your CoinHe registered email address. Open the email titled [Withdraw Now].

4. To check the status of your Withdrawal: Go back to CoinHe’s Official Website, Click Wallets → Withdrawal history. Withdrawal Transactions information are shown in the order of time. To get more detail of the transaction, click [➕] on the left of the transaction row.