How to unlock my CHT?


To increase CHT value for all CHT holders, CoinHe will lock CHT (from Airdrop campaigns, Bounty campaign and Community campaign) and release according to the timeline for each campaign. Please access https://blog.coinhe.io/coinhe-io-cht-release-policy/ to get more details.

To unlock your CHT reward, please follow some simple steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your CoinHe account at https://coinhe.io/login

Step 2: Go to CHT Releases page

Step 3: Click [Summary] at the left corner

In a campaign [Campaign], the user earns X CHT [Earned CHT] which will be released from the day [Unlocking start date]


  • Sort by status:
    Status 1: Campaign has unlocked 100% CHT (completely unlocked) will be pushed down to the bottom of the table.
    Status 2: Campaign has not unlocked 100% CHT will be pushed above.
  • Sort by unlocking start date: For campaigns with the same status, the campaign has the newest [Unlocking Start Date] will be pushed above.

Unlocking Progress: Sort by action state, include Unlock; Received and Locking. For campaigns with the same status, they will be sorted by unlocking start date.

To unlock your CHT, please click [Unlock] button in the right of the campaign.

After you unlock your CHT, it will be transfered back to your Wallets page.

Step 4: Check your Unlock History by clicking [History]