How to get 2FA function Enable?


2FA (2-Factor Authentification) is an additional layer of protection beyond password that we provide for your account safety. To enable 2FA function, follow instruction below:

1. After successfully logged in, from CoinHe official website at https://coinhe.io/ , choose Setting → 2FA

2. Enable 2FA using QR Code

Scan the QR Code with a 2FA-specialized application (1) → Get a 6-digit code from the App. (2) → Click Enable (3)

Enable 2FA using Manual Code

The QR Code might not work sometimes. In this case, you can use the provided Manual Code instead:

📌Open the 2FA-specialized app. on your device → [Add An Account], input the code → [Add Account]

📌Back to CoinHe 2FA Enable site, input the 6-digit 2FA code generated by the app. → [Enable]

Your 2FA function is enable and ready to use.

Note: From this moment on, 6-digit 2FA code will always be required when logging in.

  • In case your device is lost and cannot generate the code, please store your Backup Code in advance – Be noted that there will be 10 Backup Codes generated only and each can be used just once.
  • For choosing a trustworthy 2FA-specialized applications, please consult some of our suggestions below:

Authy: https://authy.com/download/

Google Authenticator by Google: No official website yet available both on iOS and Android.

Microsoft Authenticator:https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/account/authenticator