How to convert your small amount balance to CHT


Convertible your small balance need to meet the below criteria:

– Balance estimate available for the single currency is less than 0.001 BTC and greater than 0

– The token which isn’t delisted

– Tokens in addition to CHT (CHT no need to exchange into CHT)

Considering price fluctuation will impact CHT’s estimated value. The system only prompts a pre-estimate value as a conversion price. The final amount converted to the final CHT is calculated with the real-time market price at the time of the last click to confirm the redemption.

To convert your small balance to CHT, please follow our instruction below:

Step 1: Access your CoinHe account -> Wallet

Step 2: Click on [Convert Small Balance]

Step 3: Choose small balance you want to convert to CHT

Step 4: Click on [Convert] button -> [Convert]

Then you will convert your small balance to CHT successfully.

You also can check your conversion history by clicking on [Conversion History] at the right corner.