How can I participate in CoinHe Airdrop campaign?


Participating in CoinHe Airdrop and earn 100CHT (~ 50$) in total 30.000.000 CHT after fully completing these following five steps

Step 1: You’ve got to have an account registered at CoinHe official website at https://coinhe.io/register

Step 2: Complete all steps of Account Setting (includes inputting Account Information, Phone number and KYC verification

Step 3. Deposit any coin successfully with total value at least 50$

Step 4: Executing 01 trading transaction

Step 5. Confirm airdrop notification email.

After confirming Airdrop email, you will get free 100 CHT.

To start your own Referral (Ref.) system – one interesting part of our Airdrop campaign, please log-in your CoinHe account and visit https://coinhe.io/refs. Here, we provide you Ref. Link, Ref. ID, Ref. QR Code, and other materials for marketing for inviting friends or trading partners to join your system on CoinHe.

Once your downline completed the above 5 steps and got 100 CHT, you will get CoinHe commission up to 20CHTs – Rate depends on your referral level.