How can I make my account more secure?


To make your account more secure, please consult some of our suggestions below:

1. Enable 2-Factor Authentification

To enable 2FA, please follow guideline in this article: https://blog.coinhe.io/how-to-get-2fa-function-enable/

2. Complete your KYC verification

To get more detail about KYC, please access https://blog.coinhe.io/kyc-concept-guidance/

3. Generate Backup Code and keep for your own

To get more detail about Backup Code, please access https://blog.coinhe.io/backup-code-function/

4. Set a strong password and change it regularly

For a strong and fully protected password, CoinHe recommend users to create a password that:

  • contains at least three on four primary categories: Uppercases, Lowercases, Numbers, Characters;
  • is none of any passwords you used for other website, especially your email account/address;
  • is unique from your former passwords.

5. Make sure that your accessing-site is https://coinhe.io