CoinHe was interviewed in the Bizline show on VTV4


CoinHe was honored to present at Bizline show on VTV4 – Vietnam National Television channel.

Bizline is one of the programs in English, focused on economic analysis, which is broadcast internationally, focusing on the community of overseas Vietnamese.

In the interview, Mr. Michael Phan – Founder of CoinHe shared about the desires and aspirations that the government can facilitate for start-up like CoinHe can register, operate and dedication in Vietnam.

Besides, there are some risks that make it difficult to establish CoinHe office in Vietnam:

  1. The money of Vietnamese people is flowing abroad, trading and exchanging there. Of course, it’s just electronic money on digital currency exchange platforms. Since there has not been a specific law on this in Vietnam, we do not know whether it is right or wrong to deploy services in this segment.
  2. Since there hasn’t been any legal framework on this, we can be stopped at any time.
  3. It’s very difficult for us to pitch our ideas and raise funds from our investors or big venture capitalists.

This video was broadcast officially on June 15, 2019.

Link video: