[CoinHe Warning] Scammer are impersonating official CoinHe


Dear all CoinHe users,

For the last 7 days, we have received so many feedback from users about some scammers/hackers are impersonating official CoinHe.

We are highly warning to all users of CoinHe, please remember:

1/ Admin of CoinHe never contact you to ask for your personal information or account information or ask you to deposit your coins/token

2/ Admin of CoinHe has no rights to interfere with user’s transaction or user’s assets

3/ Admin of CoinHe can not support user if user don’t submit ticket or contact @CoinHe_Support or @Gabchuks (Our officially CM) for support (We creat this rule not only to control our support system in the best way but also to prevent the action of scammer/hacker to offer user of supporting without tickets)

4/ Admin of CoinHe never ask for fee when support users

5/ Admin of CoinHe never supports to verify any wallet address/trader/…

6/ If you receive any message which tells that he/she has a relationship with the admin of CoinHe then they are a scammer. DO NOT make the transaction with them and report to us as soon as possible.

If you see any of the cases above, please contact us via these channels for support:

  • Admin of Group CoinHe Global: @CoinHe_Support, @Gabchuks
  • Admin of Coinhe’s fan in Vietnam: group, admin @RaymondSmith, admin @edwardphan
  • Submit a ticket at:
  • Send email to: [email protected]

Please remember: When you make a deal, please do not hurry. Please spend a few minutes for confirmation to make sure the person you are dealing with is not a scammer/hacker.

We are so sorry for the cases that have been scammed which we could not support.

Thank you for your support! Team