[CoinHe Warning] Scammer are impersonating official CoinHe


Dear all CoinHe users,

In recent times, we have detected some comments from CoinHe’s fake page on Facebook (attached pieces of evidence).

We are highly warning to all users of CoinHe, please remember:

  1. Admin of CoinHe never contact you to ask for your personal information or account information or ask you to deposit your coins/token.
  2. We have only one Facebook page:

If you see any of the cases above, please contact us via these channels for support:

  • Admin of Group CoinHe Global: @CoinHe_Support, @Gabchuks
  • Submit a ticket at:
  • Send email to: [email protected]

Please remember: When you make a deal, please do not hurry. Please spend a few minutes for confirmation to make sure the person you are dealing with is not a scammer/hacker.

We are so sorry for the cases that have been scammed which we could not support.

Thank you for your support!

CoinHe Team