[] Vote for listing new tokens


Dear all CoinHe users,

We have all put our best to making the best exchange of the community, for the traders. We respect the opinion and interests of members and we have decided we will take time to list your favourite tokens on the exchange freely. That is the motivation for us to select qualified projects into the voting pool from all tokens around the world. The selection criteria are based on both investing value and risk evaluation. Please pay attention to our announcements for updated information and press releases.

Voting Rules:

1. Voting Time: Oct 10, 2019 8:00 AM – Oct 20, 2019 23:00 PM.

2. User is required log-in to vote for listing new tokens

3. The formula to calculate the score of each token:

Score = ∑ CHT of all voted users


  • If user doesn’t have CHT in their wallet, their vote will be counted as 1 point.
  • 0.1 CHT; 0.0123 CHT; … will be counted as 1 point.
  • The locked CHT will not be counted.

4. A user can vote unlimited tokens and once time per each token.

Besides, to be a candidate of our token listing vote, token teams are required to submit an application at:

Our listing committee will review the applications based on the criteria formulated in our evaluation guidelines. Any projects which are found to have a risk in company policy or technology will not be eligible for the vote.

The list of voting tokens will be sent to all our users before Oct 10, 2019.

We are looking forward to getting your opinion!

Many thanks for your support,

CoinHe Team