[] Market Analysis Week 3 (Sep 16 – Sep 22, 2019)


Congratulations all users who followed & supported our predictions from previous posts and had a successful trading week again. In this article, we will summarise the profitability of predictability as well as preparation for entry point short.


Firstly, one of the most successful predictions is ETH. ETH not only has a significant growth but also is the coin that surpassed the earliest target. If you strictly follow the buy point and stop-loss 5% -8%, the margin of no leverage is 30%. What an attractive profit milestone for the current market time! It would be great if the traders bought ETH with leverage x2 x3. However, we should not be too neglected when the price is rising; a reasonable stop-loss is still necessary so that even if we bite, we still have a profit.


Although no dramatic growth as ETH but LTC has strong potential to continue growth. We assess that LTC will maintain its uptrend momentum and will reach a minimum of $ 84, which means that it increases by approximately 35% calculating from the proposed buy point. But that does not mean we can buy LTC from the current price and expect to target $84. It is entirely contrary to investment principles because of the unexpected market movements; LTC may not reach the target milestone. Besides, similar to ETH, we also need to maintain the LTC stop-loss.


As usual, we will analyse and make predictions about when we should take profits on BTC and transfer to USDT as well as on short command.

We previously predicted the BTC price to $10700. However, during the period of support to increase, BTC did not reach the target. Therefore, our current recommendation is still that BTC can reach $10705. Besides, as soon as BTC crosses the $10460 thresholds, we will consider taking profit from BTC and other coins – this will also be the short entry point for BTC. Moreover, please remember that point to the short command for BTC at this time.

In the next article, we will dive more deeply into the peak of coins and short order entry points.

Wish you have a prosperous and successful trading week.