[] Market Analysis Week 2 (Sep 9 – Sep 15, 2019)


We had a week successfully when Bitcoin’s target ($10800) was reached, and the top coins mentioned in the article also grew by around 10%.

In this article, we will take a look at the coins mentioned in the report last week, and check the old targets are still potential or not.


After hitting a buying point, LTC has grown impressively at 11.57% after just over a day, reaching $71.5. However, this milestone is quite far from the expected price given in the previous article. That’s why we suggest you raise the stop-loss above the entry point to make sure it is profitable. Besides, you can execute transactions according to individual expectations.


Although slightly less than LTC, 9.35% is also a good figure for ETH. The current ETH trading strategy is similar to LTC; we will push the stop-loss above the entry point or maybe take some profit first.

If you notice, both LTC and ETH create a double bottom pattern at the buying point. That supports pretty well for LTC’s target at $84 and ETH at $201. Therefore, the expected price of these two coins is still very positive.

We predict the market will continue to maintain this rate until mid-month of September. The top coin will take advantage of the rebound and continue falling deeply afterwards. As for the reduction, we will analyse together in the following articles. The next section of the report we will give a bit of prediction about Bitcoin price.


$10790 will be a re-test point of Bitcoin, but for this milestone, Bitcoin is nearly impassable due to lack of strong support. So after testing at $10790, the price will have to adjust to seek support. And the entry point we recommend is $9706 according to CoinHe data. BTC is expected to test this landmark early next week.

After that, it will be a week-long rally, and the next expectation is $11370. Maybe the last time we see Bitcoin above $11370 in the next three months so you might consider converting the holding coins and tokens to USDT or VCC.