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[] CHT Mining Policy


Mining CHT is the distribution process of for all users who hold and lock CHT at the time of distribution via these programs: Revenue Distribution, Trading Fee Mining and Referral Level Maintenance

1. Revenue Distribution

80% of whole platform gained profit will be distributed to users who hold & lock at least 200 CHTs.

Ratio of received amount will be different among users and depending on ratio of their lock CHTs.

Distribution ratio between platform and user will be paid by base currency.

The amount of distributed base currency A = 80% x Total platform gained  profit from base currency A x  Ratio of received amount

Where Ratio of received amount = Your Total CHT/Total circulated CHT

For example:


You are holding BTC

Total platform gained profit from BTC = 1.000.000 BTC

Your total locking CHT = 500.000 CHT

Total circulated CHT = 200.000.000 CHT


Ratio of received amount = 500000/200000000 = 0,0025

According to the formula, the amount of distributed base currency BTC you will receive can be calculated as below:

The amount of distributed base currency BTC = 80% x 1000000 x 0,0025 = 2000 BTC

Mining CHT program via Revenue distribution will be launched soon June, 2019.

2. Trading Fee Mining

CHT holders on CoinHe who lock their CHT will be repaid the trading fee (does not count transaction using CHT for fee). Transaction fee will be refunded by CHT.

Refund transaction fee is from 50% to 100% total transaction fee depends on amount locked CHT in wallet:

CHT AmountRefund Ratio

Refund ratio can be adjusted and notified on CoinHe official website. Trading fee mining applies to all buy and sell orders that did not pay transaction fees by CHT.

Users locked CHT can unlock them any time. Refundable CHT amount will be calculated according to the number of days from the time of locking CHT to the time of unlocking CHT. After 24 hours from the time of unlocking CHT, users can trade CHT or use them to pay their transactions fee.

Trading Fee Mining will be started on June, 2019.

3. Referral Level Maintenance

After 6 months since CoinHe launched, your ref. Level can be adjusted – reduce 2 – 3 levels depending on Ref. level currently. To maintenance your ref. Level and get commission up to 50%, users must lock at least 4,000 CHT.

During the CHT locked time, Ref. level and commission will be maintained.

Users can unlock CHT and trade or use CHT for paying transaction fee after 24 hours since unlocked CHT.