[] CHT can be traded on May 10, 2019


Dear all CoinHe users,

Since May 10, 2019, CHT will be officially traded. User can deposit, withdraw and trade CHT with first two pairs:

  • CHT – BTC
  • CHT – USDT

What is CHT?

CHT (or CoinHe Token) is the ERC20-based token issued by

Total number of the issued CHT is set constantly at 200,000,000CHT.

CHT priced $0.5 per unit on launching and will increase as the market demands. will automatically distribute its revenue to CHT holders periodically. CHT holders will earn certain rights towards any decision of the community.

Where is CHT sold from?

  • CHT – Bank
  • Unlocked CHT daily from Airdrop campaign (start on May 10, 2019)
  • Unlocked CHT daily from Application Airdrop, Extend Application Airdrop and Bounty campaign (start on August 1, 2019)
  • Community campaign (start on May 2019)
  • Referral (depends on each campaign)
  • Mining & Revenue Distribution

To get more information about release CHT policy, please access

Go to to know more about CoinHe Token.

If you have any question, please submit a ticket on CoinHe Support Center or message us via Telegram @CoinHe_Support

Thank you for your support!