[] BTC, ETH and LTC market analysis


Welcome to the first article in our market analysis and trend prediction section.

This article will focus on analysing Bitcoin’s ongoing rally and the market. We will try to make predictions about the upcoming small peak for the top potential coins.

Analysing according to the candlestick on, after testing the support of $ 9538 in the medium-term frame, BTC has had an impressive recovery of $ 9538 and has enough power to increase to 11,300 $ or at least $ 10,800. Predicted time to complete this rhythm around September 10, 2019. This is a reasonably fast pace, so I will not take the time to analyse short-term frames.

From a personal perspective, we assess this is just a pace before Bitcoin and the top coins continue to decline. However, it is still a profitable opportunity that should not be overlooked for both exchange traders and margin traders. Especially for traders who are holding coins, this will be the best time to cut losses or take profits from now until the end of the year.


ETH’s pace does not seem too worthy of expectations, because 20% from the entry point of $ 168 is an unimpressive number to invest. But for stop loss, this is a figure that traders should remarkably. Because ETH is unlikely to reach this price within the next two months. Besides, $ 201 is also a point that we can pay attention because it is also a good entry point for the Short command. And when that Short will take place and what is the amplitude, please wait for the next post.


LTC has never made us disappoint. Despite being the top 5 coins, LTC always gives us an extremely impressive increase and decreasing amplitude. Even in the first half of 2019, LTC always leads in both increasing time and amplitude. And in this rally, LTC’s expected level is up to 30%, higher than all the above coins. And perhaps LTC is also the first coin to reach the target.