News, at Vietnam Blockchain & Digital Economy 2019 event


Vietnam Blockchain & Digital Economy 2019 was held from 13:00 t0 17:30 on August 25, 2019 at Grand Plaza, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Vietnam Blockchain & Digital Economy 2019 is a discussion event which aims to connect people who are interested in the shared economy, IoT and Blockchain in Vietnam. The event was organized by Truong Thanh Japan Joint Stock Company and Sencoinex Investment Joint Stock Company with the participation of reputation speakers and representatives from investment funds in the same field.

Honoring to be a partner and invited to the events, CoinHe organized some activities and introduced the project at our booth with the total prize is nearly $1000.

CoinHe’s booth has attracted the attention of numerous guests attending the conference.

In addition, Mr. Michael Phan – Founder of CoinHe is one of the speakers at Vietnam Blockchain & Digital Economy 2019.

In the presentation, he provided and discussed some concerned information in technology through the topic: The difficulties and opportunities when building blockchain applications in Vietnam with 5 key points:

  • Juridical
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Social recognition and evaluation
  • Market trend
  • Technology development