[] Apply for Bug Bounty

Apply for bug bounty

Dear all CoinHe users,

Thanks to all participants worldwide for supporting We greatly appreciate your efforts in developing our community.

We are so sorry to announce that in recent times, we received many complaints and tickets about the Whitepaper & Website translation from CoinHe users and our community. Aims to improve our documents as well as our project and bring the best experience for all users and our community, we decided to look for some users that help us check the foreign language translation once again.

To help us check the translation, please fill your information into this form: and note that:

  • You must be a native speaker and verified KYC on CoinHe
  • Please speak the passage in your native language: “CoinHe’s mission is to foster and enhance the adoption of cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange for global digital asset trading. We have the required tools and expertise – in the form of easy access to rapid funding, professionally tailored teams, and impeccable support services – to provide companies and individual investors with the opportunity to experience positive business growth and development.” and submit with the form.
  • Deadline to submit this form: Friday – November 01, 2019.

Besides, we will send a little reward to bug hunters to thank their help. The reward is depended on their support.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by submitting a ticket on CoinHe Support Center

Thank you for your support & understanding!

CoinHe Team