CoinHe honored to appear in The Saigon Times


The interview between Mr. Michael Phan – Founder of CoinHe and the reporter was published in The Saigon Times newspaper no. 33 on August 15, 2019.

In the article, he talked about barriers that caused startups to find outward paths in which the two most important factors were capital and legal stability.

Therefore, the change in policy is needed to support the startup and keep the profits and employment in the domestic market.

“If start up does not receive money from investment funds, they will die, but accepting money and not doing it cleverly is like going to employee. If the State establishes Silicon Valley in three regions of the country for startups converge, investors will find partners easier while startups can collaborate to ensure getting a reasonable price.” (“Nếu không nhận tiền thì chết, mà nhận tiền làm không khéo coi như đi làm thuê. Nếu Nhà nước thành lập được các thung lũng Silicon ở ba miền cả nước, nơi các startup hội tụ, các nhà đầu tư sẽ dễ tìm được đối tác trong khi các startup có thể liên kết để không bị ép giá”.) – he said with The Saigon Times.

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