[CoinHe Announcement] Temporarily interval Bounty and Application Airdrop unlocking

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Dear all CoinHe users,

Firstly, many thanks for your support to build up the community and companion with CoinHe long-term development.

We are so sorry to announce that we have to temporarily interval Bounty and Application Airdrop campaigns unlocking from 00:00 UTC Saturday, November 23, 2019 to April 22, 2020, to check because of some below reasons:

1. The quality of posts, articles, videos, translations from Bounty is very low. 

1.1. The posts almost have no interaction.

As you can see, most products from bounty (including posts, videos, articles, translations) have little or no interaction. It means that these publications have almost no effect in transmitting and implementing the purpose of the bounty campaign: community development.

1.2. Our community found a lot of errors.

Not only in CoinHe Bug Bounty program but also in the report from our community, we received the report about errors of translations and video quality many times. That is the reason why we need time to recheck all the translations and videos again.

2. $4,600,000 was paid for Bounty hunters. 

11,561,039 CHT was unlocked and approximately 4,624,416 USDT from our campaigns was withdrawal successfully by CoinHe users. It is a very huge number and we always try our best to develop the community, however, unfortunately, the results we get back are insignificant.

3. Bad influence on CHT holders community.

With approximately 4,6 million USDT unlocked, most of the participants only sold CHT and withdraw out, entirely without any other activities on the exchange. That causes dramatically affects the liquidity and the community of other users.

After checking, if we find any violate publications or users, their CHT will be burned.

Besides, Airdrop campaign, Community Airdrop and Bug Bounty campaign will be unlocked normally.

If you have any questions or need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at CoinHe Support Center or message directly to telegram @CoinHe_Support. We will not handle cases of defamation and disturbance in the community.

Many thanks for your support & patience!

CoinHe Team