Be the next one get 50 CHT reward by downloading Application


Thanks to the first 20.000 users downloading Application and get 1,000,000 CHT from

We give a special gift for all users who missed our Application airdrop by dedicating 500,000 CHT (~$250,000) to members.

Joining Coinhe Extend Application Airdrop campaign from April, 4th, 2019 with 3 easy steps  to get free 50 CHT (~25$):

Step 1: Install CoinHe application on your phone

Link download CoinHe app for iOS devices (iOS version 11 and above):

Link download CoinHe app for Android devices (version 5.0 and above):

Step 2: Login to

Step 3: Verify your KYC

Please note that:

* Each user can only receive 01 download app reward during the campaign.

* Users received 50 CHT in total 1,000,000 CHT for Airdrop App Campaign, will not receive 50 CHT in this campaign.

* Only for the first downloading CoinHe application