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Dear all CoinHe users,

With the aim of bringing the best experience to all users of our community when trading on CoinHe exchange, the entire CoinHe system will be temporarily under maintenance to upgrade to the new version untill August 6th, 2021.

We will snapshot all of CoinHe data then convert those to the new version, so during the maintenance, all of CoinHe function will be suspended. We know this will cause anxiety for users, but rest assured that your assets will be safe during this time. Please understand that the upgrade is necessary to make trading, depositing and withdrawing, etc… faster and smoother.

We are so sorry for all the inconvenience you have to experience during this period.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email [email protected] or send a ticket directly for us.

Many thanks for your support!

CoinHe Team

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Partnership Announcement: CoinHe x Xpool

Dear CoinHe community,

We are excited to announce that CoinHe and Xpool have officially entered into a partnership on April 26th, 2021.

According to the roadmap of CoinHe ecosystem and market expansion, we have taken a new step and looked for growth opportunities in international DeFi markets. Xpool has become the first partner we choose to build our first step on the Dex market.

Furthermore, following the early stages of Xpool, we appreciate the value and quality of the products Xpool team has created. Therefore, we signed a MOU with Xpool to become a strategic partner and invested $1M in this potential project (of which a part we buy XPO tokens and hold for the long term, the rest we invested directly for Xpool team).

Moreover, having hands-on experience in mobile app development and owning the application in the top staff pick on App Store and Google Play, we put the top priority on financial resources and human resources to support and develop Defii wallet application.

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In addition, we have transferred our marketing manager, business developers and mobile app experts to coordinate with the Xpool team to promote the project as well as support the technical aspects and audit the inhouse wallet, which ensures the safety and security of Defii wallet. CoinHe is also willing to list XPO on our exchange to spread the project’s attraction to the community.

We believe that this cross-promotion and cross-collaboration between the 2 organizations will bring more benefits to both communities.

Onwards and Upwards!




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